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I attended the MotoGP event last weekend with my family. We rose early (6am) on Sunday to claim our spot where we could pitch our seats etc and watch the race from a prime viewing position (infield, just left of spark plug at Starkey's bridge).

However this was ruined because just before the main race started. People crossed over the low fence in front of us and jumped the ditch and began to stand or sit in front of the temporary fence. We and others complained about this behaviour, but were ignored. Our prime position was now useless and our sight hindered by these people.

Myself and my young children were robbed of our enjoyment. I phoned at least 5 times to try and report the issue to staff, but nothing happened. Other people phoned as well. After the race these morons then proceeded to trespass further on to the infield by damaging and pushing over the higher temporary fence so they could run on to the track, which of course ruined the riders' celebrations.

I was disgusted by these people and their behaviour and even more disgusted that no one at your circuit could be bothered to do anything about it. The 3 foot wire fence that was already broken, which enabled them to cross over should have been fixed in the first place, or better still a higher stronger fence should have been erected in its place, or if you are not willing to do something about the fence, then some security people should have been present.

We have come for many years as a family to watch the racing and stay all weekend. Each year we put up with higher priced tickets, lack of organisation in the camp sites, queuing for the toilets, traffic, chaos even torrential rain, but usually we forget all this when we start to watch the racing - so this has been the last straw!

I'm sure that myself and lots of other people with think twice about coming to Donington again, and I would not be surprised if those idiots have put the MotoGP at your circuit in jeopardy.

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paul cushion

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By paul cushion