GP idiots

After the stupid track invasion at Donington on Sunday after the MotoGP, is it only a matter of time until a spectator or rider gets killed?

Bike racing could really suffer, with tracks closed down or racing stopped altogether until measures are put in place to stop any invasions taking place. It only takes one accident and a politician who wants to make his mark somewhere and hey presto, we lose the GP at best and all bike racing at worst.

I am not being a killjoy, but the thought of someone getting hurt or worse is too high a price to pay. Perhaps Donington should ask the police to arrest say 100 or so idiots and charge them with trespass, and then dish out some hefty fines. It might make people think.

Also a 20-foot-high fence is now in order around the spectator enclosures to the whole of the track and that the GP is not held at Donington until this happens.

We need to put our house in order, no matter what the cost to stop the possibility of a really nasty accident. Tony Elias looked scared witless as he rounded Goddards to see people running across the track in front him!

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Rob Cawley

Reader's article

By Rob Cawley