British GP: Post race reaction: Colin Edwards

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Colin Edwards scored his best result of the season at the British GP this weekend.

The Texan Tornado not only took pole, he lead for a good portion of the race before being caught and overtaken by eventual winner, Casey Stoner.

Here’s what Edwards had to say about the goings on at Donington after the race.

”I got a good start. It was the best start I’ve had all weekend – I tried a couple of starts in practice and they were crap.

”I got away and put my head down as you do when you’re in front you just pretend you’re in practice and just chip away and do the lap times and keep looking at your pit board.

”I stayed pretty consistent and I thought okay, somebody else is coming with me and it was Stoner back there so I though let’s see how this turns out.

”Once it started drying out just before Casey passed me I went into the chicane and it had dried out so I braked harder and harder and get more confidence and the front locked on me.

”The next corner I did the same and ran a little deep and Casey came by.
”We’ll take confidence out of this weekend. We were fast in the dry and in the wet so it should be good.”

Rob Hull

By Rob Hull