Pitt readies for race

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Aussie Andrew Pitt says he is ready for the new MotoGP world championship season despite agreeing that the new Ilmor 800cc machine needed to complete more winter testing miles.

Pitt was 19th in free practice at Qatar yesterday (Thursday, March 8, 2007), and the former World Supersport champion said: “I prefer the race situation even though there’s a little bit more pressure.

“You’ve got to get out there and make it happen in an hour and I’m confident I can be consistent and get into the pack a bit during the race."

Pitt tested a new engine spec in Jerez, which improved the Ilmor’s infamous aggressive power delivery.

But he said more track time would have been beneficial in the winter:

He added: “I think the overall picture will be better with the new motor. Ideally we’d like to have had a few more tests but the race weekend is probably the best place to test.”


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Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt