Dorna wrong to ignore 250 and 125 teams

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High-profile 125 and 250 team boss Jorge Martinez has spoken of his anger at the smaller classes being omitted from next month’s sponsorship summit in Barcelona.

Dorna has arranged a two-day seminar for representatives of all MotoGP teams on April 12, 2007, but it is MotoGP exclusive and none of the 125 and 250 teams have been invited.

Martinez runs five bikes in the world 125 and 250 championships and his outfit is the biggest outside of the premier class, and he said he was surprised that the Dorna sponsorship meeting was for MotoGP only

 “I am worried about this, “said Martinez.

“I don’t think it is correct that the 125 and 250 teams are not part of this meeting. The idea to help sell MotoGP to sponsors is good but it should not only benefit MotoGP.

“We have to be informed of everything that is discussed and we have to feel we are involved in a positive way.”

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Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt