Suzuki reveal details of 2009 prototype

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Suzuki has revealed some of the details of the 2009 prototype factory GSV-R machine that Loris Capirossi and Chris Vermeulen are testing in Brno today.

The main changes come in a radical revamp of the chassis, according to factory team chief Paul Denning, with the V4 motor remaining untouched from the current ’08 version.

Denning told MCN: “It won’t look a whole lot different but the redesign is intended to keep our good points. It is very difficult to improve on the good stuff. We are already stable on the brakes and corner entry is good.

“We want to take some big steps in the weaker areas we have got and that means a new bike in terms of chassis design and some of the engine position and layout of the bike.”

The biggest target was improving edge grip and Denning added: “Bridgestone is helping a lot with that but we need to help the way the bike turns and how the bike uses the tyre on the edge and that means something from Suzuki in terms of a rethink.”

Denning said Suzuki had no ruled out the possibility of racing the ’09 bike in one of the last six races after Brno if the two-day Czech Republic session was a success.

“It is an early 2009 prototype and its possible if the feedback is good and it is a significant step that we could race it this year. It is possible, very unlikely, because of things like parts availability. But Suzuki would pull out the stops to make it available if it was worthwhile.”

Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt