Colin Edwards questions Michelin’s recovery potential

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Tech 3 Yamaha rider Colin Edwards had questioned whether Michelin is capable of responding to its current crisis.

The Texan suffered his worst result of the season in Brno earlier this month when he slumped to a woeful 14th with severe rear and front tyre grip issues.

Edwards stayed on for a day of testing after the troubled race, but found no significant improvement with a range of new Michelin rubber.

And he also got a painful lesson in how hard it might be to close the gap on rivals Bridgestone having spent a brief time behind former factory Yamaha team-mate Valentino Rossi at the Brno test.

Speaking to MCN, the double World Superbike champion said: “I know what my bike does, I know what it feels like and I know what Valentino’s bike looked like last year. I got behind him for a couple of corners because that’s how long I could stay close to him and it was scary. To be an outsider looking in, even though I was doing the same thing, it is just not right. His lean angle is ridiculous and he opens the throttle and it continues to turn, which is something we really struggle with.”

Edwards said Rossi had a huge advantage in edge grip and he added: “Right now it is ridiculous and it looks really balanced. I don’t see that weight transfer, even with the Suzuki guys. They just brake as hard as they can and chunk it in. It’s on its side and they open the gas and it seems to work.”

Could Michelin catch up?

“I think we spent so much time playing catch up and I think we did to a point, but while we were catching up they (Bridgestone) were developing new stuff. We need to really get a move on if we are going to compete anymore this year. I don’t even know about next year”, said Edwards.

Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt