Casey 'Moaner' Stoner

What is Casey Stoner's problem?

I had the utmost respect for his ability and that cannot be in doubt but you have to worry when the riders - who should be the last line of defence for battles and real fairing to fairing dicing - start complaining that racing is too close!

Admittedly there was one overtake at the Corkscrew when Valentino Rossi properly ballsed it up and they touched but it was a mistake and it all came good in the end.

I think what we really saw there was Stoner realising that the dominance of the Ducati's Horsepower CAN be beaten by out and out rider ability.

Stoner knew that this was his big chance with Dani Pedrosa out, to reel in some points, and he just didnt take it.

Wasn't Rossi's reply great when he was interviewed after Stoner's little fit?

I did want Stoner to win the title because I like the underdog to return and win, but after his little fit he can stay in third thanks.

I'd even rather the grey man Pedrosa won the title now!

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Dan Moore

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By Dan Moore