Bradley Smith nearing full fitness for German clash

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Bradley Smith is finally nearing full fitness after his injury-ravaged period in the 125GP world championship.

The Polaris World Aprilia rider has barely been fit since a crash strewn period started in early June when he suffered multiple injuries in a qualifying tumble at the Italian GP at Mugello.

But the 17-year-old goes into this weekend’s German GP at Sachsenring confident he will be able ride pain free.

Worst of his recent injuries was a fracture in his left ankle but Smith has been able to train regularly, though he has had to avoid high impact exercises like running.

He’s also been undergoing regular physio sessions with Mark Booth in Milton Keynes and he told MCN: “I am 100 per cent better than I was in Assen. I have been doing a lot of rehab and finally I’m not hobbling around on my leg anymore.

“It has been a frustrating few weeks with all the injuries and crashes but I’m getting back to my full fitness level. The only thing I’ve not been able to do recently is running because that’s high impact.

“But I’ve been cycling and swimming a lot and actually training before races, so it feels like my normal preparation for a race. I’ve not wanted to do anything too stressful to avoid more damage because

“I’ve got five weeks after this race to make a complete recovery in time for Brno.”


Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt