Stoner should grow up

Oh well Casey Stoner, what can you say a great race to watch in Laguna Seca.

Probably the best so far this year, I was glued to my seat right through but he (Stoner) again spoils the moments after with his bratish, childish behaviour.

Was it just my imagineation or did anyone else see his poor mechanic wince & brace himself after Stoner had his helmeted face in the poor guys space then brace himself as he thought stoner was going to take a swipe at him?

I wonder what else goes on behind the scenes? He then continues to refuse to shake Rossis hand with a sulk on, what’s up with the boy?

A great race then he sulks because he was the one who fell off! Casey had his feathers ruffled by a smoother faster rider, well a seven times world champion, not just anyone.

He only turned into a loser when his child like behaviour took over. Hey and Casey don’t give the Brit fans a hard time winging about getting the wanker sign, because guess what, the Italians & the Spanish dislike you too.

At Mugello they gave you the finger and I won’t say what the Spanish did and for the Ducati stand to cheer Rossi and Melandri alot more than you, take a look to see what’s wrong!

Grow up and be a sportsman.

Stephen Scragg

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By Stephen Scragg