Assen MotoGP: Gabor Talmacsi wins five-lap dash

Published: 28 June 2008

World Champion Gabor Talmacsi has taken only his second victory of the season in a five-lap dash 125GP in Assen.

The race was shortened after the first attempt was red flagged due to safety concerns as heavy rain began to fall, seeing several riders crash out on the wet surface.

Britain’s Bradley Smith started the new race in pole position, as he’d been leading the first part of the race on the previous complete lap before it was stopped, but was one of the unlucky ones to be pushed out of the scrum of 125 motorcycles in a thrilling battle.

As the rain had stopped and the track was drying, all the riders were out on slicks just as they did in the red flagged first attempt.

Smith made another good start and slotted in to second behind Nicholas Terol, but he was not having such a good race as in the first attempt and was down to seventh before the end of lap one as Joan Olive took the lead from Terol out front.

Olive was still leading going in to lap two as Gabor Talmacsi slotted in to second.

At the end of lap three it was Olive leading on the Belson Derbi from Corsi and then Talmacsi while Smith was in sixth. Smith then got past Terol to take fifth by the end of lap four.

The leaders were four wide on lap five as the lead changed each corner seeing Esteve Rabat then taking the advantage, but then Talmacsi grabbed the win in a photo-style finish from Olive with Simone Corsi taking the final podium spot.

Bradley Smith finished the race in fifth at the end of the nine-minute five-lap dash as there was less than a second covering the top eight.

Britain’s Scott Redding did not take the re-start after the red flag.

Assen MotoGP 125 race results:

1 Gabor TALMACSI HUN Bancaja Aspar Team APRILIA 9'04.520
2 Joan OLIVE SPA Belson Derbi DERBI 9'04.648
3 Simone CORSI ITA Jack & Jones WRB APRILIA 9'04.775
4 Sandro CORTESE GER Emmi - Caffe Latte APRILIA 9'04.860
5 Bradley SMITH GBR Polaris World APRILIA 9'04.945
6 Esteve RABAT SPA Repsol KTM 125cc KTM 9'05.088
7 Mike DI MEGLIO FRA Ajo Motorsport DERBI 9'05.366
8 Andrea IANNONE ITA I.C. Team APRILIA 9'05.448
9 Nicolas TEROL SPA Jack & Jones WRB APRILIA 9'05.958
10 Raffaele DE ROSA ITA Onde 2000 KTM KTM 9'07.074
11 Stefano BIANCO ITA S3+ WTR San Marino Team APRILIA 9'07.349
12 Stefan BRADL GER Grizzly Gas Kiefer Racing APRILIA 9'07.541
13 Tomoyoshi KOYAMA JPN ISPA KTM Aran KTM 9'07.721
14 Michael RANSEDER AUT I.C. Team APRILIA 9'08.120
15 Hugo VAN DEN BERG NED Degraaf Grand Prix APRILIA 9'09.067
16 Dominique AEGERTER SWI Ajo Motorsport DERBI 9'09.112
17 Stevie BONSEY USA Degraaf Grand Prix APRILIA 9'09.339
18 Jules CLUZEL FRA Loncin Racing LONCIN 9'15.068
19 Randy KRUMMENACHE SWI Red Bull KTM 125 KTM 9'15.163
20 Pablo NIETO SPA Onde 2000 KTM KTM 9'15.369
21 Pere TUTUSAUS SPA Bancaja Aspar Team APRILIA 9'15.614
22 Robin LASSER GER Grizzly Gas Kiefer Racing APRILIA 9'16.374
23Alexis MASBOU FRA Loncin Racing LONCIN 9'18.236
24 Louis ROSSI FRA FFM Honda GP 125 HONDA 9'18.348
25 Robert MURESAN ROU Grizzly Gas Kiefer Racing APRILIA 9'20.675
26 Michael VAN DER MARK NED Dutch Racing Team HONDA 9'22.721
27 Robert GULL SWE Ajo Motorsports Jnr. Project DERBI 9'30.212
28 Jasper IWEMA NED Abbink Bos Racing SEEL 9'33.728
29 Ernst DUBBINK NED RV Racing Team HONDA 9'34.469
30 Jerry VAN DE BUNT NED Degraaf Grand Prix APRILIA 9'40.939