French MotoGP: Mike di Meglio on the pace in second 125 free practice

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Mike di Meglio has put himself on the top of the timesheets from this morning’s second 125 free practice session in France.

The Derbi rider was not one of the early contenders in the session for the top spot, but knocked almost two seconds off the early leaders’ times and was just 0.3secs away from yesterday morning’s top practice time set by Sergio Gadea.

Gabor Talmacsi was second on his Aprilia, with the Hungarian recording a best time of 1:45.431 on his penultimate outing of the Le Mans circuit. Third was yesterday morning’s fastest man, Sergio Gadea with a 1:45.636.

Gabor Talmacsi set the early proper time with a 2:00.048 on his Aprilia on just his third lap out of the pits.

Esteve Rabat did briefly go top with a 1:57.605 but Talmacsi was able to beat that next rime round with a 1:56.285.

Britain’s Danny Webb, who suffered the biggest crash of his career yesterday, was out riding and seemed not to be in too much pain as he shot to fifth on the timesheets after 10 minutes with a 1:58.803. Fellow countryman Bradley Smith did knock him down to sixth, but was then getting some good laps in and climbed up to second by posting a 1:54.672.

Scott Redding waited for a quarter of an hour into the session before taking to the Le Mans circuit. As he kept working on his lap times he was soon up to 13th.

Talmacsi kept on improving his times up the top and was soon down to 1:54.264. Esteve Rabat was back at the top again after 20 minutes on the KTM with a 1:53.947 but was soon replaced by Stefan Bradl who recorded a 1:53.477. Rabat was back at the top on his next lap with a 1:52.551 as the riders started to get nearer to the times from Friday’s practice and qualifying.

Rabat’s next lap was a 1:51.400 but was soon knocked down to fourth as Joan Olive, Sandro Cortese and Gabor Talmacsi all went faster with Olive dropping the times down to 1:48.590.

With under five minutes remaining the times began to tumble and Mike di Meglio put his Derbi on top of the timesheets with a 1:45.650 and then immediately improved this with a 1:45.410 and then again with a 1:44.983 as he headed for the chequered flag.

Britain’s top rider at the end of the session was Bradley Smith in ninth place with his best lap set at 1:46.284. Danny Webb was 12th while Scott Redding, still getting to know the tracks on the GP circuit was 19th.


French MotoGP 125 second free practice results:

1 Mike DI MEGLIO FRA Ajo Motorsport DERBI 1’44.983
2 Gabor TALMACSI HUN Bancaja Aspar Team APRILIA 1’45.431
3 Sergio GADEA SPA Bancaja Aspar Team APRILIA 1’45.636
4 Joan OLIVE SPA Belson Derbi DERBI 1’45.815
5 Nicolas TEROL SPA Jack & Jones WRB APRILIA 1’45.971
6 Andrea IANNONE ITA I.C. Team APRILIA 1’46.007
7 Sandro CORTESE GER Emmi – Caffe Latte APRILIA 1’46.182
8 Raffaele DE ROSA ITA Onde 2000 KTM KTM 1’46.206
9 Bradley SMITH GBR Polaris World APRILIA 1’46.284
10 Marc MARQUEZ SPA Repsol KTM 125cc KTM 1’46.592
11 Michael RANSEDER AUT I.C. Team APRILIA 1’46.809
12 Danny WEBB GBR Degraaf Grand Prix APRILIA 1’47.046
13 Simone CORSI ITA Jack & Jones WRB APRILIA 1’47.133
14 Takaaki NAKAGAMI JPN I.C. Team APRILIA 1’47.349
15 Lorenzo ZANETTI ITA ISPA KTM Aran KTM 1’47.358
16 Alexis MASBOU FRA Loncin Racing LONCIN 1’47.362
17 Pol ESPARGARO SPA Belson Derbi DERBI 1’47.652
18 Stevie BONSEY USA Degraaf Grand Prix APRILIA 1’47.934 ]
19 Scott REDDING GBR Blusens Aprilia Junior APRILIA 1’47.946
20 Cyril CARRILLO FRA FFM Honda GP 125 HONDA 1’48.065
21 Hugo VAN DEN BERG NED Degraaf Grand Prix APRILIA 1’48.212
22 Louis ROSSI FRA FFM Honda GP 125 HONDA 1’48.395
23 Stefano BIANCO ITA S3+ WTR San Marino Team APRILIA
24 Tomoyoshi KOYAMA JPN ISPA KTM Aran KTM 1’48.581
25 Gioele PELLINO ITA Loncin Racing LONCIN 1’48.744
26 Robin LASSER GER Grizzly Gas Kiefer Racing APRILIA 1’48.997
27 Pere TUTUSAUS SPA Bancaja Aspar Team APRILIA 1’49.029
28 Valentin DEBISE FRA Racing Motoclub Circuit D’Albi KTM 1’49.127
29 Steven LE COQUEN FRA Villiers Team Competition HONDA 1’49.132
30 Robert MURESAN ROU Grizzly Gas Kiefer Racing APRILIA 1’50.005
31 Efren VAZQUEZ SPA Blusens Aprilia Junior APRILIA 1’51.226
32 Roberto LACALENDOLA ITA Matteoni Racing APRILIA 1’51.230
33 Esteve RABAT SPA Repsol KTM 125cc KTM 1’51.400
34 Randy KRUMMENACHER SWI Red Bull KTM 125 KTM 1’51.688
35 Stefan BRADL GER Grizzly Gas Kiefer Racing APRILIA 1’53.477
36 Tobias SIEGERT GER Adac Nordbayern e.v. APRILIA 1’54.218
37 Dominique AEGERTER SWI Ajo Motorsport DERBI 1’54.6696

Sarah Carnell

By Sarah Carnell