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Just got back from a brill holiday over in OZ. Had a fanastic day at the track on Phillip Island. It was so well organised, no rip off, food and merchandise ‘good price’, met some great Aussie bikers.

That same night after the GP we all went to Pinos Italian Restaurant in Cowes (on the Island) and there we met Marco Simoncelli the new 250 world champ! What a charming friendly guy, very approachable and interested to know we were over fom England for the GP, he was happy to have his picture taken with me.

A great italian guy “Franco” (to right of Simoncelli) adopted us as friends that day on the track side, he was a real character and kept referring to Simoncelli as his son!
Then Lorenzo walked in! Sadly I couldn’t get close to him, I could not believe it was happening, eating in the same place as these great riders.

Later that evening I spoke to Randy Mamolla- what a guy, he gave me his autograph then jokingly asked if I would pay for his food! I would have done but I was bloody skint!! It was a day and night me and my biker girlfriend Jacky, will never forget!
By the way we both think the MCN is the bestest in the universe keep up the good work lads!

Howard & Jacky

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By Howard & Jacky