Colin Edwards cautious about Bridgestone switch

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Colin Edwards doesn’t believe a switch to Bridgestone tyres as part of a controversial move to a one-make tyre rule will alleviate some of the safety concerns being raised in MotoGP.

The mono brand tyre rule is a certainty to be introduced to counter growing concerns that corners speeds on the new generation 800cc machines are getting dangerously fast.

Nine bikes in the 18 months of the 800s have vaulted the perimeter fence, and Carmelo Ezpleta recently called the entire MotoGP fied to a special summut to discuss his concerns in Brno last month.

The outcome will be a one-make tyre rule, with Bridgestone landing the exclusive contract.

But Texan Edwards isn’t convinced a move to Bridgestone will dramatically slow corner speeds, even though tyre development will effectively cease with no competition from Michelin.

“The mono brand for the factories is a good idea because everybody is going to start knowing they have the same tyres as everybody else.

"But this is all for safety and from where I’m looking, if we go to Bridgestone, with the amount of corner speed they are creating right now, I don’t see how that is going to be safer.

"We’ll have everybody on the highest corner speed tyre out there. The corner speed that is being carried is just ludicrous at the moment. Your brain and your ass don’t operate together.

"Your brain is telling you should push more and your ass is saying this is going to hurt like hell f you come off,” said the Tech 3 Yamaha rider.

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Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt