Qatar needs to consider date change, says Yamaha boss

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Yamaha boss Lin Jarvis believes Qatar might have to surrender its coveted slot as the opening race of the MotoGP world championship to avoid a repeat of the opening race weather disaster.

In return for paying Dorna a lucrative rights deal, Qatar is awarded the first race on the calendar. The whole season was delayed for a month to allow Qatar to retain the first race, after widespread complaints at the first night race in 2008 that track temperatures were too cold and dangerous.

But Jarvis believes a major re-think is needed after the opening race of 2009 was postponed for nearly 24 hours. 

“From what I’ve heard, although it is unusual to have rain in the desert, if there is rain it is not normally at this time of year. You would have to question whether we need to reschedule the race next year,” said Jarvis, who confirmed Yamaha had reached a unanimous decision to support the plan to race a day later than scheduled.

Jarvis though doesn’t think the night race needs to be axed from the calendar or run in the day.

“I would doubt very much and I can’t imagine after this massive investment that they will know revert to a day time race. I think they have to be very careful on the dates selected.

“I know they want to be the first race but we didn’t want this to happen, so maybe it can be the second race. What is important that they have to choose the time when there is the minimum chance of these conditions. I think they have to consider that because it is unacceptable to have that sort of risk attached to it,” added Jarvis.

Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt