A chance encounter with James Toseland

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I thought you may like to see these pictures of a huge coincidence! I was waiting for a flight to Holland at Birmingham airport on Wednesday (11th) and had just been reading my MCN about poor JT’s terrible highsider. I went to get a coffee when I saw JT sitting in a corner reading MCN!

I didn’t want to disturb him while having a quiet coffee, so I waited until he had booked onto his flight and then approached him to ask him how he was. He was, as always, very polite and friendly and said that he was rather bruised still – I told him how surprised I was to see him even walking normally!

He said that he didn’t know anyone had got pictures of his highside and was shocked to see how bad it looked. He very kindly said he would sign the MCN picture of him for me and wouldn’t mind having a photo taken with me. One of the check-in girls took the attached and I’ve also attached a close up of his signature.

A lovely, lovely man and a huge biking talent. Good luck for 2009 JT – we’re all behind you! Tricia Bignell Piddington, Oxfordshire (temporarily in Leeuwarden, Holland for 10 days!).

Tricia Bignell

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By Tricia Bignell