Video: Behind the scenes at Fiat Yamaha

Valentino Rossi’s Fiat Yamaha team has given a behind the scenes look at the team’s Italian headquarters as part of its 2009 factory team launch today.

The world championship-winning team moved into its impressive new facility in Germo di Lesmo just before Christmas

Amongst the features at the impressive new HQ is one of Rossi’s factory YZR-M1 machines forming part of a meeting room table!

Race boss Lin Jarvis said: “The new headquarters.firstly they are very nice, we’re very happy, we moved in here in December, and frankly from what we had before it’s a big step up, and we really enjoy to be in these fully renovated facilities.

“The base is the same as it was before, but we really have renovated from ground up. So we are all, all of us, happy to be here, we have great facilities to work, and the most important thing is has brought, where before we had our staff split in three different locations, and now we’re all together, under one roof.

“So it’s much better for working, much better for communication. If it will really change anything in our way of working, I would say it will make us more together, more of a team, more efficient, and hopefully that will benefit all of our activities.”

Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt