Yamaha boss supports Valentino Rossi’s rider aid reduction bid

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Valentino Rossi has found yet another ally in his quest to get the influence of electronic rider aids reduced in the future.

Rossi has been a long-term advocate of restricting technology like traction control and his bid has won the support of Fiat Yamaha team boss Davide Brivio.

Rossi believes the huge advances in technology has taken away from rider skill and Brivio said: “Valentino has “suffered” as a result of the changes that have arisen since technology has progressed, more electronics are used and rider aids have been introduced.

“On the one hand aids are very useful for safety reasons and research, especially with regards to the production bike. These aids will affect production and therefore our customers, so research in this field is welcomed.

However, from a sporting and performance point of view, this is an aid to the riders. This means that the difference Valentino can make due to his talent and experience has been reduced.

“This is why it was important to win in 2008, to show that, despite all, he was still the greatest rider. Sometimes Valentino has expressed the desire to reduce the rider aids, in order to allow the rider’s talent and ability to be properly appreciated.

“This is justifiable from the rider’s point of view. From a sporting and sentimental point of view I’d also like to see less aids and the riders relying exclusively on their talent.

“Thinking about our customers however, who will ride the bikes on the street, research and aid development are the right things to do.

“It would be great to be able to find a compromise for the situation, but in any case I believe the races will still be very spectacular, more so than ever next year with many riders fighting for victory. Ultimately it is always the best that are leading.”

Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt