Sepang test: James Toseland to undergo medical checks

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British rider James Toseland flew home to the UK tonight with his first priority to get his battered and bruised body checked over in hospital.

The double World Superbike champion’s brave attempt to soldier on after an incredible 125mph high-side on the opening afternoon failed to stop him ending the Sepang test in last place.

Struggling with right arm and left leg injuries, Toseland’s final day saw him clock a best time of 2.03.953, though it was a huge uphill struggle as he also battled further physical problems caused by a blow to his head in Thursday’s high-side at turn five.

“It was one of those crashes where because of the pain of the arm and the leg, I kind of dismissed the bang to my head.

“But when I think about it I couldn’t remember the trip in the ambulance from the side of the track to the medical centre. Now the pain has eased I have now realised my head is not right.

“I’ve just got to get home and rest and just switch whatever has been knocked out of me back on. I’m walking around and feeling a bit dizzy and I couldn’t concentrate at all on the bike.

“I’ll go and get checked out at the hospital when I get home just to make sure everything is okay. I’ve been struggling getting my words out and that has been a bit worrying, “Toseland told MCN.

Asked if had been worthwhile riding when clearly well below 100 per cent, Toseland added: “It was if only just to understand the bike.

“We made a few changes to see if it was any different. But I could tell with my level of focus that there was a big brick wall up.

“I just needed time on the bike. I was only doing 2.04s or high 2.03s and at that pace you’re not working the tyres or the bike how they need to be.

“You need to be in the 2.02s to get a feel for what is happening. The bike isn’t going to do a great deal wrong in the 2.04s.

“Doing 2.02s it would do so that has been frustrating. I just wanted to go out there and try and enjoy riding again.”

Toseland’ next outing will be at the Qatar night test on March 1.

Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt