Suzuki against MotoGP testing restrictions

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Suzuki has opposed a planned ban on all MotoGP testing during the season in 2009.

As part of a range of radical cost-cutting measures to counter the global economic crisis, scheduled tests after five European races were to be axed to help cut engine mileage.

But the proposal has not gone well at Suzuki, and a compromise is likely to see two of the tests remain on the calendar.

At present, the scheduled tests after the Catalunya and Brno races will go ahead as planned, though that has to be confirmed by a specially convened meeting of the Grand Prix Commission shortly.

Suzuki boss Shinichi Sahara said the Monday tests after races were the most cost effective way to test new parts, with teams only having to pay for one extra night of hotels, while the circuit is already booked at no extra expense.

Sahara said: “We requested more testing, especially after races. We want to have more testing after races because this is the cheapest way for us to go testing. But also we should understand the economic situation for other teams.

“We are not happy to reduce the reduction in testing but accept some reduction. Nothing is fixed yet and while it would save some costs with less total mileage, we think some Monday testing is required.”

Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt