Silverstone provides fresh start for British MotoGP

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Silverstone bosses believe commitment to make radical on and off track changes convinced Dorna to move the British MotoGP race away from its long established home at Donington Park.

Asked why he thought Silverstone had won the rights from Donington Park to host the British MotoGP race from the 2010 campaign onwards, Silverstone MD Richard Phillips told MCN: “I think Dorna saw Silverstone as having a better infrastructure already, so the potential was there to have better facilities for the fans and a better experience for the fans.

“There was also an opportunity to have track changes.

“I also think the idea that they might be competing with a Formula One event on the same venue is not so attractive to them. I think they like to have a bit of independence from F1.

“Formula One is a massive animal and it causes issues for other events. So with the blank canvass they have at Silverstone it is really good for them.

“We spent a lot of time talking to them and building confidence and making sure that what we say we will do, we will.“

Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt