Credit crunch increases pressure in MotoGP

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Factory Suzuki boss Paul Denning believes the impact of the global economic crisis will only intensify the pressure to perform in MotoGP.

Denning believes there will be closer scrutiny on teams to deliver results in MotoGP, with budgets being slashed and senior factory bosses needing to justify the multi-million pound investments ploughed into MotoGP.

Kawasaki has already withdrawn its factory MotoGP effort and that bombshell decision in early January has focused minds on cost saving more than ever before.

Suzuki and Yamaha have already confirmed they have taken huge 20 per cent budget cuts for the 2009 world championship campaign.

And Honda and Suzuki senior management recently revealed to MCN that both seriously considered quitting the championship.

MotoGP bosses have already reacted quickly to the threat of the global recession by introducing a range of cost-cutting measures for the 2009 world championship including a reduction in track time, with the decision to axe Friday morning free practice for all three classes.

Denning told MCN: “The Kawasaki withdrawal brings into sharp light the value for money involved and the return on investment and that is something for everybody to consider.

“I think in terms of justification and viability against cost and return, it is a simple equation that everybody is going to be looking at in the future and I think there is going to be increased scrutiny on all considered to perform better.”

Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt