Meeting JT at his send off party

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A group of us (including my 9 year old niece who’s never met James and my mum who was in a wheelchair due to a recent knee replacement) attended JT’s send off party at Donington last weekend.

Roger Burnett spotted us at the back of the hall and came to introduce himself – he was really concerned that mum wouldn’t get a good enough view because of being stuck in the wheelchair so offered to take us all to meet JT in his dressing room before the gig.

James was a true gent… he chatted to everyone, gave my niece a signed picture, posed for photos (I’ve never seen her so excited!!) and made my mum’s year by telling her she didn’t look old enough to need a knee replacement! So I just wanted to say a big thank you to Roger and James – you were both very busy that night so it meant a lot that you took the time to speak to us.


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