Casey Stoner doubts MotoGP salary cap

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Former world champion Casey Stoner has doubted whether a salary cap could ever be policed to help cut costs in MotoGP.

Capping rider wages has been just one of several ideas floated around during talks to significantly reduce costs in the current economic crisis.

Most have dismissed the salary cap idea as unmanageable, and Australian factory Ducati rider Stoner said: “Personally I don’t think it’s me who needs to give a hand out.

"I’m not sucking the sport of its money. Basically every contract I’ve ever made I never negotiated with money, I’ve always been happy with what I’ve been offered.

"This is not why I’m in the sport. Kawasaki leaving, I don’t think is a huge reason for everybody to start panicking. Maybe there are more reason than financial as why they pulled out.

"I’m happy we’re I am and the situation I’m in at Marlboro and Ducati so it’s not something for us to say anything about. I don’t think it (salary cap) will happen anyway.”

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Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt