Haojue 125GP team axe engine designer

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The troubled Haojue 125GP team has terminated its contract with Dutch engine designer Jan Witteveen.

A lack of performance and major reliability issues has dogged the Haojue project since its inception.

And a statement from the Chinese-backed team, which runs British rider Matt Hoyle in the world 125GP championship, said; ‘Jan Witteveen was contracted to deliver a state-of-the-art, race competitive 125cc GP engine and continue its development over a three year period.

“However, after 18 months of development it is clear from the engine’s lack of performance in the early 2009 GP events, where the Haojue riders have either failed to qualify or sometimes crashed due to engine failure, that the engine is neither race competitive nor reliable.

“As well as the continued lack of performance and the reliability problems which make the machine potentially dangerous for the Team Haojue riders and other riders on the track at the same time, the Haojue team management has been deeply concerned by the lack of progress and communication from Witteveen on plans to overcome the problems.”

The Haojue team opted to miss last weekend’s Italian GP in Mugello because of the lack of performance from Witteveen’s engine.

There has been no confirmation yet whether the team will participate in the next race in Catalunya on June 14.

Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt