Key inspection looming for Donington Park

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A safety inspection vital for the forthcoming World Superbike and MotoGP races at Donington Park will take place at the Leicestershire circuit tomorrow (Friday).

FIM Safety Officer Claude Danis will visit Donington to carry out an inspection on the run-off between McLeans and Coppice.  The run-off was significantly reduced to allow an access tunnel be built for a new paddock complex that forms part of the massive redevelopment of Donington for the 2010 British Formula One GP.

The FIM is demanding the run-off be fully reinstated otherwise the circuit will not be homologated for the World Superbike clash on June 28, though the circuit would still have time to make the necessary safety modifications.

Donington though would still have another two weeks to get homologation for the British MotoGP on July 26.

Danis told MCN: “I will be in Donington on Friday for an inspection. I hope it will be the final inspection but I’m not sure what work they have done. I know they modified the run-off area but not exactly as it was last year. British Superbikes raced there but as the FIM we need to have the same situation as last year.”

“If it’s ok then they will get the final homologation, but if it’s not ok, then there will be no homologation. In the last e-mails I exchanged with them I explained to them that we need the same amount of run off as before. They said ok and it will be done by May 23. Because of that I planned my inspection on June 5.”

“They have confirmed all the details for the meeting so they haven’t contacted me saying they need to postpone or the run-off will not be fully reinstated. I expect the run-off area to be as it was.”

If Donington was not given homologation tomorrow, Danis said he had no idea whether it could be granted in time for World Superbikes later this month.

“They know if the track is not homologated they can’t race. The ball is in their court because they are clear that if the run-off is not the same they will not get FIM homologation. If I’m not happy this week then I can comeback, but if the work is not done then there will be no race. And obviously if they get homologation for World Superbikes then there will be no problem for MotoGP, “added Danis.

Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt