Gino Rea tests Moto2 machine

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2009 European Superstock 600 Champion Gino Rea tested Racing Team Germany’s Moto2 bike in Almeria in southern Spain on Wednesday. 

The British rider adapted quickly to the new machine, which is built by Buckingham-based FTR, and ran impressive times along with Racing Team Germany’s already signed rider Arne Tode.

Rea said: “I managed to get some laps on the FTR Moto 2 bike when instructing at Almeria with Racedays. It only had a stock CBR600 engine in it so the power wasn’t so special, but it was really loud, like a MotoGP bike.

“The bike definitely has potential. It’s very light, which makes it quick to turn and easy to throw around.

“After only a short time, the lap times were good and it’s nice to ride. It will be very interesting to see what happens with the development over the winter period.

“I’d like to say thanks to Gerry Bryce from Racedays and Steve at FTR.”

Rea plans to race in either World Supersport or Moto2 next year.

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