No ‘keep it clean’ order for Fiat Yamaha duo

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Yamaha has insisted it doesn’t need to remind Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo to keep their expected fierce battle in 2010 a clean scrap.

The Fiat Yamaha duo have raged an intense battle against each since Spaniard Lorenzo joined the Japanese factory in 2008.

But despite some close battles on track, Rossi and Lorenzo’s rivalry has never boiled over.

The pair are expected to clash for the MotoGP title again in 2010 and Rossi’s team boss Davide Brivio said: “It’s not necessary to talk to them because we have been in this situation in 2009.

"We managed it and both riders are clever and intelligent and last year they showed how mature they are. Last year was a big fight but it has been very correct and fair.

"I think both know they are racing for the same manufacturer and they don’t want to create any damage for Yamaha.

"It is a big fight between them but it has always been fair and for me it will continue in this way. I’m convinced they will be going for a clean fight.”

Asked whether it was a big dilemma for Yamaha to manage two high profile riders like Rossi and Lorenzo, Brivio added: “It is a big dilemma. We are in the ideal situation because both our riders can be world champion.

"But last year this fight at the high level caused some crashes but it is difficult to control because you can’t ask them to slow down.

"It is the perfect situation to have two very strong riders and two potential world champions in the team. It is like having two shots for Yamaha.

"But you have to be careful not to give an advantage to other riders. It is a problem that everybody would like to have, so we’ll see what happens.”

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Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt