Motegi MotoGP replaced by internet phenomenon 'TwitGP'

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Frustrated MotoGP fans have opted to replace the postponed Motegi round with the world’s first virtual MotoGP race. The ‘TwitGP’ , which will take place entirely on popular microblogging site Twitter, is supported by a host of familiar names.

Within hours of being launched by sources close to Suzi Perry, TwitGP has garnered incredible support from the likes of Rossi mechanic Alex Briggs, comedian Ross Noble, real MotoGP team Fiat Yamaha, TV channel Eurosport, charity Riders for Health, Moto2 star Scott Redding and commentating legend Toby Moody.

Hot on the heels of the revelation he was tempted to return to grand prix racing on a 990cc Honda, GP500 legend Mick Doohan has been confirmed as a wildcard in the virtual event.

TwitGP supporter and Rossi mechanic Alex Briggs says he relishes the prospect of a dual between the pair:

“I worked for Mick for all 5 championships. ‎​If you’re fast you’re fast. The era would have no effect. Who would win between VR and MD? We’ll have to follow on Sunday”.

Less than 24 hours after launch TwitGP has approaching 2000 followers. Suzi Perry says:

“It’s just a bit of fun for next weekend, but it’s growing into a monster!”

Guy Procter

By Guy Procter