Antonio Banderas team quits Moto2

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The Moto2 team supported by Hollywood star Antonio Banderas has collapsed, leaving former 125GP world champion Gabor Talmacsi and American Kenny Noyes without a ride for 2011.

Title sponsor Jack & Jones has confirmed it will no longer support the team in an announcement in Spain yesterday (Wednesday).

A statement read: ‘After reaching definitive agreements with our sponsors and strengthen, with the aim of having a winner project in the 2011, our technical and sporting structure, Jack & Jones our main sponsor has communicated us its decision of not continuing in the world of racing.”

Dani Devahive said: “This is maybe the most difficult decision I have taken in the past ten years of the racing activity of my team. Although the will and hope that Antonio

“Banderas and me have invested in this project, the lack of economical viability has forced us to take this tough decision.

“The reason because I decide this today and not continue in the search of sponsorship until March when the championship begins is because of the responsibility that we have with our staff and riders.

“They have today the possibility of finding a space in other teams of the championship whether in March 2011 would be too late.”

Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt