Budgets will decide 2012 MotoGP capacity choice

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Money will be the prime factor in determining whether Yamaha, Ducati, Honda and Suzuki roll out new 1000cc factory prototype machines in MotoGP in 2012.

Although unanimously supporting proposals to move to a 1000cc rule in 2012, the factories want the option of continuing to race the current spec 800s in a bid to avoid another huge cash outlay on development of a new bike.

Factory Suzuki boss Paul Denning said: “It’s the full intention of all the engineers to build new bikes for the new regulation.

“But I think the factories wanted the flexibility that if the budget is not there in year one to carry on with the 800s.

“I think its understandable they need some flexibility for a short period of time for it to be understood that they might carry on with the current spec bike.

“The timing with the Japanese manufacturing industry the way it is at the moment is absolutely not right for an engineering group to have to go to the board and ask for a lot of money to build a completely new style of motor.

“I think in the end a compromise that keeps all he manufacturers involved and the private teams being able to access much more affordable motorcycles, has probably been reached.”

Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt