Rossi faking it

Further to the comments about Vale faking his shoulder problems.

After being wiped out on a roundabout by a careless car driver which resulted in my bike being written of and me being in hospital for 5 days with back and shoulder damage in which the tendon was totally ripped off the shoulder bone.

I had a operation on the November 10 2010 to re-attatch the tendon (Left shoulder athroscopic subacromial decompression and rotator cuff repair). If this is the problem Vale had, I can assure you he is not faking.

To describe the pain as beyond belief would be an understatment (even with painkillers) it has been twelve weeks now since my op and I am still hurting which is made worse by intensive physio.

I am epected to get my strength back in about 18 months but not full movement of my arm which at the moment is just above shoulder height.

Using my arm below shoulder height is not much of a problem as you are using different muscles.

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Joe Cunningham

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By Joe Cunningham