Tribute to Marco Simoncelli

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After the tragic accident in Sepang I was contacted by a large number of people asking if I would be producing a painting of Marco as a tribute to him.

My first thought after the event was “I never want to see another bike race ever again and I don’t want to paint anymore bike pictures!” But that was just the same shock that most people felt. Once a lttle time had passed I thought, that on balance, I would like to do a picture as a tribute to a thoroughly nice guy.

My only worry was that I did not want to appear to be making a profit from this terrible incident. We decided that most of the proceeds would go to a charity that Marco supported.

We have managed to secure contact with the family and we are just waiting to hear from them the name of the Charity that they would like the monies raised to go to. Something that Marco supported and was close to his heart.

The picture, a limited edition of 58, went on sale Saturday and has today sold out! Amazing. Such is the deepth of feeling for Marco. What a tribute to him.

We have offered number 58 of the edition to the family and a further copy will go to the Grisini team. Ciao Marco #58, you will remembered with affection. Steve Whyman

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