Yamaha expecting less friction between Lorenzo and Rossi

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Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo’s relationship will not be dominated by the friction and animosity that existed between the pair between 2008 and 2010.

Rossi’s return to Yamaha’s factory MotoGP squad in 2013 has inevitably sparked talk of a renewed bitter rivalry with former foe Lorenzo.

In their previous three-year spell together they had numerous on and off track clashes and Yamaha had a dividing wall between the two, and there was a restriction on the sharing of data.

Given the history between the two, it is far fetched to think their relationship can ever be completely harmonious.

But chief adjudicator will once again be Yamaha boss Lin Jarvis, who understands the potentially explosive situations that could materialise.

Speaking to MCN recently Jarvis said: “We know how it is to manage two big stars in one team and it is not easy to do. Both of them are a little bit older and the scenario is very different now to what it was in the past.

“Valentino was the established king of MotoGP and Jorge was the prince arriving to try and dethrone him. That undoubtedly created a lot of tension but now it is quite different.

“Jorge is the number one rider and he has won two out of the last three world championships and the tables have been turned. But Valentino is not the young usurper. He’s an established star that is coming back to show he can win another championship and still win races.

“I think it is a different dynamic and chemistry this time. I’m sure we are going to have some moments and issues because racing at this level is highly competitive and if the guys are both on fire and fighting for the win then I’m sure there will be situations. We are going to have to deal with them and we will.”

Jarvis though believes the decision to re-sign Rossi is less likely to create the same tension that existed in the past.

He added: “The last two years will have changed Valentino’s outlook. I’ve no doubt he has respect for Jorge’s riding ability and skill. Any rider would have to have that and I have no doubt that Jorge will not underestimate Valentino and knows full well what he is capable of.

“There should be no reason for any friction now because they are in different phases of their career and lives, so I am hoping and expecting that they will co-exist in a positive way.”

Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt