Poll: Rossi or Agostini?

Published: 13 June 2012

Giacomo Agostini is 70 this weekend and MCN will feature an exclusive interview with the 15-times world champion next Wednesday.

In the meantime, it seems like the perfect time to revisit that racing chestnut: who's the greatest - Ago or Rossi? Here are the raw stats:

350cc world championships: 7
500cc world championships: 8
% of GPs entered won: 66
Total GP wins: 122
TTs won: 10

125 and 250cc world championships: 2
MotoGP world championships: 7
% of GPs entered won: 39
Total GP wins: 105
TTs won: 0

Obviously it's a silly question, different eras, attitudes, pressures blah blah. But come on, who would win? Rossi in his prime, or Ago in his prime?