Virgin customers to get MotoGP

Published: 15 August 2013

Good news was announced today for British MotoGP fans using Virgin's TV services, with an agreement signed between them and BT Sport that will see MotoGP available on Virgin's services for the 2014 season.

The three year deal will give users on their most expensive XL package free access to BT Sport 1, 2 and ESPN as well as offering it to other customers for £15 a month.

Virgin Media is understood to have agreed to pay £225m for the privilege of carrying BT Sport for the next three years.

It will also go some way to waylay the initial fears of MotoGP fans that the sport would lose audience, with almost 5 million people in the UK set to receive the new channel.

Marc Watson, BT TV chief executive said: “I am delighted we have signed a deal with Virgin Media that increases the audience for BT Sport to around three million homes overnight. BT is rewarding its loyal customers with free sport and it is great to see Virgin Media immediately making BT Sport available to so many of their customers.