Rossi: 'Ducati can't deal with criticism'

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Valentino Rossi has revealed more about his fractious relationship with Ducati in MCN’s exclusive new interview (out on Wednesday).

The 34-year-old’s comments throw new light on the team’s inability to make progress back up the grid – a problem he says stems from their inability to trust its riders when they point out a problem with the bike.

He says in the interview: “When you speak with Yamaha and Honda, but especially with Yamaha, and you say something wrong about the bike, for the Japanese engineer it is not something bad. It is something positive because they understand the way to improve the bike and with Ducati this doesn’t happen.

“So when you say you have a problem, first the Ducati guys don’t trust you 100% and secondly they are quite angry because you say the bike has a problem.”

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