Laverty makes radical changes

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Eugene Laverty took his Voltcom Crescent Suzuki to a second row start in America but was even more confident he could have done better, but for a less than perfect Superpole.

Complaining all year of excessive rear sag when entering corners, so badly that it upsets his bike’s ability to turn, Laverty’s team made a radical rear end set-up change to support his corner entries.

“We were sick of making small changes so we made a big step and the bike was the best of any Superpole there has been this year, even though I did not make the best of it in Superpole,” said Laverty. “I am not front row but I have not been on the second row since PI.”

He explained the issues and some of the solution to them. “It has more support in the rear but it is not just been as simple as more support in the rear, it has been a certain area with a grip of a new tyre.

"It is a part of the suspension stroke that just felt empty to me, even in the wet as well, when you kind of lean in it was just dropping.

"Somewhere like Malaysia it was good because the track is slimy in the heat and everywhere this year I have been praying for 60 degrees of track temperature to suit my bike.

"We are still not there yet but we should have been this way at round two because now we can get the bike to turn corners.”

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Gordon Ritchie

By Gordon Ritchie