Former 250GP rider Joan Garriga dies

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Former 250GP front-runner Joan Garriga has lost his life after a road traffic crash in his native Spain. The often-controversial yet popular star of the middleweight class died following a crash on his road bike while riding in Barcelona yesterday.

Making his 250GP debut in 1984, Joan raced alongside – and often beat - many of the biggest names of the sport in his four seasons in 250s and four seasons in 500GP. A close rival of Sito Pons, he finished second in the championship to his fellow Spaniard in 1988.

However, Garriga was no stranger to controversy off the bike, with numerous convictions since his retirement from racing for both drug and weapon offences. Nonetheless, he remained a popular rider, and was one of the legends of the sport invited to his year’s inaugural World Grand Prix Bike Legends event at Jerez in June.

Motorcycle News joins the wider motorcycling community in wishing our deepest sympathies to Mr. Garriga’s friends, family, teams and fans.

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