Redding to decide future by weekend

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With his future still one of the biggest cogs in the MotoGP rider market Scott Redding has revealed that he plans to have his plans finalised by the end of the weekend.

"It’s so 50/50 at the minute I don’t want to say I’m going to go either way and muck things up," said the Marc VDS rider. "This weekend is the last weekend I have to decide so I need to have some quiet time and sort it out."

Having had the team formed around him for this year's championship Redding had entered the season with high hopes and he admitted to MCN that the main draw to keep him at the team was their loyalty and support through the years. However, the prospect of another poor year on the Honda leaves him attracted to the prospects provided by Ducati.

"The VDS team have put so much together to make this happen for me so it’s a shame we can’t get the results. I can’t make that gamble next year because if I don’t get the results I’ll be sat at home the year after and that’s not what I want to do. Indy was the breaking point for me, Sachsenring wasn’t too bad so that prolonged it a bit but in Indianapolis I was like ‘I need to do something about this situation to get the best out of it."

From the perspective of manufacturer support Redding continued to say that with so much uncertainty at Honda for next year the offer of a GP15 and support from Ducati may be enough to to sway him to the Italian squad next year.

"From what we’ve spoken to Ducati about I think it would be the same bikes the factory Ducati riders are on now. For me that’s good, Honda don’t know what next year’s bike will be. They built a new bike, tested it in Misano and were half a second slower whereas Ducati have built a bike and brought it a long way, they’ve done the hard work and now it’s down to fine tuning.

"Marc has gone back to last year’s chassis but I’m still on the new chassis struggling. I’m just left with the same equipment and have to keep trying to work with it, so in my opinion it’s almost like Honda don’t want to have me or keep me whereas with Ducati, they really want to have me and I think that they will give me the best of the best for performance."

"I think I would be more competitive on the Ducati. Herandez and Petrucci are great riders but I do believe I have more talent than them. They have to work for it and they are still beating me so as far as I’m concerned I can’t be worse. I’m not saying they aren’t good riders, they are in MotoGP, but I think I am a better rider than them."

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