Miller more concerned with lost time than crash

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Jack Miller crashed early in today's action at Sepang, a slow speed fall at turn five, and afterwards the LCR Honda rider shrugged off the incident as another step in his learning process as he adapts from Moto3 to MotoGP. Miller finished the day down the timesheets, three seconds off the pace, but given that he missed out on the best window of track temperature he wasn't overly concerned to have only set the 23rd fastest time of the day.

When asked about the crash Miller said:

"We started off on used tyres from yesterday," said Miller."Just after we went over race distance on it I went into that corner and she started to go away from me, it was the first time that I had a real moment on the bike that when you pushed the front tyre enough it went away, I held it up as much as could on my shoulder and elbow but I ran out of track. I'm perfect and the bike was fixed within five minutes and we've still got the same fairings on it as this morning. It's just another learning stage in learning the limits of these tyres."

While the crash will have dented his confidence slightly Miller was keen to stress that the bigger issue was missing out on the small window of opportunity to set a fast time in the morning when the majority of the field set their fastest times.

"It affected me a little bit and we missed the window for doing a decent laptime today with new tyres. I'd like to be going a little bit quicker but we're struggling a bit with the wheelspin, we're still not working with traction control, and when the track is at 50c the thing just lights up on the exit of the corner. We're still not using anti-wheelie and only a little bit of traction control. At the moment we're just working with Marelli to get it working."

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