Avoiding mistake with new engine key concern for Pedrosa

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Dani Pedrosa was able to spend more time today focusing on the 2016 Honda engines and determining whether or not they had made an improvement. The aggressive nature of the engine was blamed for the problems suffered by the Honda riders this year and after another day of testing Pedrosa is still unsure whether there has been an improvement made.

“We tested a little bit the engines, and also the electronics,” said the Spaniard. “I think from the starting point of yesterday to today, we had better performance in the way of riding in this track, and also of the electronic setting. So I could compare and could have a little bit more information about the differences in the engine and in the electronics. So I can say that for the engine, still we don’t have a specific answer, we are still working to get the best setting.

“Today I had a little bit more feeling, I could understand more. And also with the new electronics compared to Valencia, yesterday somebody asked me if they are more in order, because in Valencia it was not going well, so yes, it’s true, here it’s a little bit better. About tyres, I didn’t test any tyre, so the same tyres as yesterday. And pretty much this was it, the lap times are not specifically good, but I can say that in general, the other lap times are similar, so I don’t know if it’s the track or the tyres.”

After last year’s engine problems it’s understandable that Honda are looking to avoid making a similar mistake as 12 months ago and rushing into another engine specification that has inherit flaws. This concern was the main thing that was Pedrosa’s mind as he evaluated the new units.

“We don’t want to make the mistake, we are trying to make the correct choice for next year. And sometimes, when you have a new engine and the feeling comes right immediately, then the decision is more easy to take. But this time, the differences are a little bit, so win and lose, win and lose. So we must take care for what we choose for next year, because in one point, we cannot change. We have to be really open now, and take the time.”

Steve English

By Steve English