Open letter from Angel Nieto

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Angel Nieto is the latest MotoGP legend to offer his opinion on the events of Sepang. The 12+1 times world champion commented on Sunday about his sadness at having seen Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez clash in Malaysia.

He has now become the latest rider to pen an open letter to both riders:

Dear Marc and Valentino,

We bikers have always been of different sports, the rivalry between us has remained limited to what happens on the track and for that I would like in the Valencia GP we gave all, once again, the evidence of this distinction that has characterized over the years.

In this way, Valentino and Marc, I think it needs never look back, not even to gain momentum, as it leads nowhere. I'd like to ask you to continue with the harmony and the respect that has characterised throughout your successful career, in which you were an idol for one another. Respect is something that you should never lose and It should be an example for the millions of fans who love the sport.

I probably do not know that I can ask you, but I would like, with a gesture of utmost sportsmanship, there you gave your hand before the game and then ... may the best win! I hope that on Thursday this difficult climate, which is not good for motorcycling, has calmed.

Valencia awaits you with open arms, there will be a sell-out as never before, with tens of thousands of fans who will be waiting to see an extraordinary event comparable to the final of the World Cup. They know that it is one of the best circuits to enjoy a bike race and the stands are full of fans that enjoy the roar of the engines.

I have no doubt that you, the fans who will arrive in Cheste, you will demonstrate once again that there are no fans like you and you will give a great example of sportsmanship so we can celebrate together, regardless of the colour of each, with an attitude like one of the protagonists of rugby in the third period.

I do not want to forget either Jorge or Dani, who once again helped make the biggest MotoGP World Championship with memorable feats. I hope that the best team win and crossed the finish line he speaks only of a historic race that put a happy ending to a season more exciting than ever. A big hug to all, see you in Valencia.

Angel Nieto

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