Lack of grip holding Crutchlow back

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A lack of grip left Cal Crutchlow seventh in Aragon and unable to challenge for a top five place after struggling to drive out of corners to be able to attack Andrea Dovizioso and Aleix Espragaro.

“I’m not too happy with the final position, but in the end, this is the best we could do with our package,” said a reflective Crutchlow. “I was quite well, but I had no grip with the rear of the bike. The advantage was really in the braking and the stopping into the corner. But we had some small problems. I had a slipping clutch off the start line, which we lost four places immediately.

“Honestly, we had no rear grip so it was really difficult to go around the corner and out of the corner. We struggled with the acceleration of our bike, we couldn’t even keep with the Suzuki. It seems we were losing three tenths just on acceleration to the Suzuki out of turn 15, when you would think we would be quite strong there.

“So honestly, with the package we had today, I was just pleased to finish, because we had some big moments where I thought I was not going to finish. I was not riding too hard, I felt it was quite an easy race for me, we just couldn’t’ go any faster with what we had. Honestly, I’m quite pleased with a seventh position and to finish the race, and to come out of here with some more knowledge of riding the Honda.”

When asked further about the grip problems Crutchlow said that his bike “felt good in corner entry, in the middle of the corner it was really bad and the exit it was really bad.”

For the fly away races however the LCR Honda rider is feeling more confident, “I feel strong for the three overseas races. We need to improve in some areas and today’s race can highlight a lot of things for us and our package and our team. But the team worked very well all weekend and I’m pleased.”

Steve English

By Steve English