MotoGP: British Grand Prix up for grabs

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The British Grand Prix could be set for a return to Donington Park, after MotoGP boss Carmelo Ezpeleta exclusively confirmed to MCN at the Czech Grand Prix that their contract with the ill-fated Circuit of Wales project is finally dead in the water.

The news opens the way for both Silverstone and Donington Park to bid to host the race in the future, with MCN’s sources indicating that both homes of the British Grand Prix are keen to take up the mantle for the future.

Ezpeleta confirmed to MCN that the ten-year contract that they signed in 2014 to host the race is now null and void – news that was believed to be a matter of time after last month’s refusal by the Welsh government to provide the financial backing that project bosses Heads of the Valley Development Company needed to begin construction on the project.

And despite the insistences of Circuit of Wales boss Martin Whittaker to MCN only a month ago that this year’s race would continue to be organised by them (under the track leasing deal they’ve successfully used for a number of years with Silverstone) even that plan is now dead, with the promotion and organisation of this month’s British Grand Prix to be instead done by Silverstone and Dorna themselves.

Ezpeleta told MCN: “We are now working directly with Silverstone and they are promoting the event, and everything is going well. The contract with Circuit of Wales is completely finished, because they have harmed the matter – but we solved the situation by working directly with Silverstone, and for the future we will see.

“We prefer to solve this problem first and then we will consider the future. Donington is a possibility too - we are happy with Silverstone but we will discuss the matter also with Donington.”

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