MotoGP: Silverstone confident races will run

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Despite wide spread criticism from the MotoGP grid over the amount of bumps and grip levels in certain areas of the track in the wet, Silverstone MD Stuart Pringle remains confident racing will go ahead.

The final Free Practice session on Saturday afternoon was red flagged following a heavy down pour which resulted in a number of crashes caused by aqua planning.

Speaking to MCN, Pringle said: “It’s difficult to appreciate the scale of the deluge we saw. It was an exceptional cloud burst. The drainage on the circuit is very good and we are probably the busiest circuit in Europe, if not the world and being in Great Britain we deal with a lot of wet weather. We are happy with the drainage and are still improving it where we can.” 

Silverstone has been under fire since the opening session on Friday due to the amount of bumps, with riders also citing different profiles and cambers for the issues in the wet. But despite the criticism Pringle says the issues have not been caused by the re-surfacing.

“As part of the track work we did do some civil engineering, but not at Stowe and the kerbs remain the same. So if there is any change there it’s 1 or 2mm. The only that is new at Stowe is a new drain. We changed the fall at Club and increased the adverse camber between Vale and Club to help throw the water off. Plus a slot drain at Abbey. So I don’t think what we have seen this afternoon is a result of the track re-surfacing.” 

With heavy rain forecast for Sunday modifications are now underway to try and alleviate some of the standing water issues. 

Pringle said: “We had a meeting with the FIM we are taking some remedial action. We are putting some saw cuts into the tarmac to help the water drain away. I think we are set for a good race tomorrow – I think the right decision has been made to move the race forward in light of the information we have from the met office. We have the most up to date information available, but it’s still a difficult call to make. The start time of 11.30 gives us the best possible weather window. The forecast looks like it will get better and the rain is consistent, rather than a cloud burst and it is that, that I believe is key.”

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Michael Guy

By Michael Guy

Sports Editor, former 250-racer and adventure rider