MotoGP: Marquez dislocates shoulder celebrating 2018 championship title win

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While Marc Marquez has been faultless throughout 2018 to claim his fifth MotoGP crown at Motegi on Sunday, his post race celebrations didn’t quite go to plan.

Having stopped on the cooling down lap to kick off his elaborate celebrations, friend and former Moto2 rival Scott Redding stopped to congratulate the world champion. But his hug was a little over exuberant and caused Marquez’ left shoulder to dislocate.


But instead of the injury putting ice on his celebrations, Marquez made a rapid recovery thanks to his brother before getting up and continuing his celebrations.

Marquez said: “Scott stopped and I hugged him, and I felt something strange in my shoulder right away! I just dropped to the asphalt when I stopped and my brother put it back in again though. It’s not that big a deal any more because I’ve dislocated it many times while training.”

Marquez claims 7th MotoGP championship title in Japan

Marquez now has plans to see renowned Doctor Mir in Barcelona over winter in a bid to resolve the dislocation issue and get the shoulder back to full strength.

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Michael Guy

By Michael Guy

Sports Editor, former 250-racer and adventure rider