MotoGP: Red Bull Ring modified before racing get underway

Published: 11 August 2016

This weekend’s new addition to the MotoGP calendar the Red Bull Ring has been modified before racing has even got underway, with the last corner being made much tighter in an attempt to reduce the exit speed of the turn.

The track was modified by reducing the width of the exit of the corner by three metres, forcing riders onto a tighter line and reducing their speed. The exit of the corner has a large permanent grandstand that has been the scene of spectacle crashes at some car races at the circuit.

The decision to make the modification was taken proactively by FIM safety officer Franco Uncini, after speaking to a number of riders.

The issue comes as Casey Stoner has been one of a number of riders to go on the record about the safety issues at the circuit, with the Australian deeming a number of the corners to have insufficient or inadequate run-off.