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The Manx Motorcycle Club has made changes to the programme for the 2009 Manx Grand Prix that they claim is going to boost interest in the event.

A Post Classic Race has been introduced for the first time which will cater for two-stroke 126-500cc and four-stroke 501-1000cc machines.

The Club has also relaxed the eligibility rules, which will now allow TT riders and
previous winners of all other MGP and Classic Races to participate in the 250cc
Lightweight Race.

Previous race winners from the Newcomers, Classic, Lightweight and Ultra Lightweight classes will now be eligible, although Junior and Senior winners remain ineligible.

Former TT riders who have not qualified to start a TT solo race in the preceding two
years, or who have not won a silver replica in any TT solo race in the previous four
years, can now also participate in the Ultra Lightweight, Junior and Senior Races.

Bill Bennett, Chairman Manx Motor Cycle Club explained why the changes had been
introduced: “We feel that there will be real interest in the Post Classic class as it is a class that is becoming more and more popular on the short circuits and provides another opportunity for real racing machines to be ridden in anger on the TT Mountain Circuit.

“We’ve also relaxed the eligibility criteria to expand the experience of the field and allow TT racers to take part. We think that race fans will be really excited at the line-ups and can look forward to a large field and really competitive racing on the Mountain Circuit.”

The 2009 Manx GP race programme sees two races scheduled for each of the three
designated race days. Monday, August 31 will feature the Newcomers race alongside the Post Classic event in the morning and the Junior and Lightweight Classic Race in the afternoon.

Wednesday’s races are the Junior Manx Grand Prix and Senior Classic and the 2009 programme concludes on Friday, September 4 with the Lightweight / Ultra Lightweight event in the morning and the Senior in the afternoon.

In another new development riders can now enter two races in one day provided they are not on the same machine.

The revised 2009 regulations will be available to download from the Manx Motor Cycle Club website ( from mid March and further details regarding specification and cut off dates may be obtained from the MGP website or by contacting the MMCC Office.

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Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin