Ian Lougher back in British 125 seiries

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Veteran roads star Ian Lougher returns to short circuit racing this weekend when he takes part in the British GP125 race at Silverstone.

Lougher won three races last weekend at Scarborough in the 125, 250 and 600 race – smashing the lap record in the 600 race.

He also finished third on the Balck horse Finance Yamaha superstock bike in the open Gold Cup.

But he told MCN: “I just fancy having a go on a short circuit for a change. I’m taking over  injured Robbie Stewart’s Replicast ride. I enjoy riding the little bikes so much but mind you, I’m 11 stone now.

“I was probably 10 stone when I finished racing on short circuits. My last British 125 race was back in 1999.”

Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin